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At T-ZONE, we specialize in offering an exceptional variety of white cheeses, meticulously crafted from the freshest, high-quality milk sourced exclusively from Czechia. 

Our commitment to excellence and local production ensures that every cheese in our range, from Akawi to Jadel and our unique Grill Cheese, meets the stringent requirements of businesses and culinary professionals. 

Discover our bulk offerings, designed for seamless integration into your supply chain, all made with pride in Czechia.

akawi white cheese made in Czech Republic  from 100% natural ingredients and cultures

akawi white cheese made in Czech Republic from 100% natural ingredients and cultures

akawi white cheese made in Czech Republic  from 100% natural ingredients and cultures
origin:Czech Republic

Our akawi cheese, produced in the Czech Republic, is crafted from 100% natural ingredients and carefully selected cultures, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. 

This selection process guarantees that our cheese meets all necessary requirements for taste, elasticity, and consistency. The high-quality fresh milk used in production results in a product that excels in both flavour and texture. 

By combining quality raw materials with stringent standards, we ensure that our akawi cheese stands out as the best product available, delivering exceptional results for our customers.

packaging: in the table in PDF below
metallic tin 17kg
foil 480gr
plastic bucket 1,5kg 
logistic: in the table in PDF below
shelf life:in the table in PDF below

akawi white cheese is versatile and can be used in various culinary applications, especially in Middle Eastern cuisine. 

manakesh: akawi cheese is often used as a topping for manakesh, a popular Levantine flatbread. The cheese is spread over the dough along with other toppings like za'atar or vegetables before baking.

kunafeh: One of the most famous uses of akawi cheese is in kunafeh, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert. The cheese is layered between shredded phyllo dough or semolina, then soaked in sweet syrup, resulting in a deliciously rich and gooey treat.

baking: akawi cheese can be used in various baked goods, such as pastries and pies, providing a savoury and slightly salty taste that enhances the overall flavour.

snacking: akawi cheese can be enjoyed on its own as a snack. Serve it with bread, crackers, or fresh fruit for a simple and satisfying treat.

stuffing: Use akawi cheese as a stuffing for vegetables like bell peppers, zucchinis, or eggplants. Its creamy texture and mild flavour make it a perfect filling.

salads: akawi cheese can be cubed and added to salads for a creamy and salty flavour. It pairs well with fresh vegetables, olives, and a drizzle of olive oil.

sandwiches and sraps: Use slices of akawi cheese in sandwiches or wraps for a unique flavour. It complements fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and mint leaves nicely.

storage:keep refrigerated at a temperature between 2°C - 6 °C
this help maintain its texture and prevent spoilage. 
Avoid freezing, it can alter its texture, making it crumbly and less enjoyable.
become a
Why Partner with T-ZONE?

T-ZONE stands apart by understanding the needs of businesses seeking high-quality, reliable cheese products. Our expertise in sourcing the finest milk from Czechia, combined with traditional cheese-making techniques and modern logistics solutions, underscores our commitment to quality and sustainability. Our bulk cheese range is about exceptional taste and providing scalable, efficient solutions that support your business's operational needs, all while proudly promoting our Czech heritage.

Discover the T-ZONE difference today and elevate your cheese supply chain with our premium, locally sourced and made white cheeses.