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Your Dairy Connection


we provide

  • satisfaction
  • market intelligence
  • logistic solutions
  • quality certainty
  • market flexibility
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we provide satisfaction

Our main strength is our ability to adapt to market fluctuations and customer needs, ensuring we consistently offer products and services. We keep communication lines short, enabling efficient decision-making and a personal approach. 

With a presence in major European markets extending until the Middle East and Asia, we compete in the delivery of top-quality dairy products to a global clientele, treating our customers in a fair and honest manner.

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we provide market intelligence 

Stay ahead of the competition with our insightful market analysis, helping you make informed decisions. Dairy prices are volatile and can cause serious challenges to all market participants, therefore we are here to actively help in dairy risk management for our clients. We aim to create value for our customers through an active and informed approach to dairy supply and management.

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we provide logistic solutions

Our logistics services range from supplier to destination, offering effective solutions for your dairy needs. Our global service network is designed to optimize routes and guarantee timely delivery to any destination in the world. Our office take care of all the necessary documents, tailored to each costumer’s need and country requirements, for trouble free delivery.

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we provide quality certainty

Ensuring the highest quality of our products is important for us. We regularly monitor the products to maintain excellent deliveries. From liquid milk products to a various type of cheeses, butters, milk and protein powders, our expertise ensures care-free business across borders. 

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we provide market flexibility

Our position in the market equips us to swiftly respond to its changing dynamics. We work closely with both local and foreign suppliers to adapt our offerings to meet your company’s needs. We conduct research and development to provide you with the latest in dairy advancements and personalized solutions.

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committed to a greener Future 

We contribute with practices that respect and protect our planet, ensuring that the dairy products we deliver are produced responsibly.

environmental stewardship

We prioritize reducing our carbon footprint through energy-efficient operations and natural farming partnerships...

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ethical sourcing

We value the wellbeing of animals and the livelihoods of farmers. We source our dairy from suppliers with high standards of animal care and land management, ensuring a fair and ethical supply chain.

community engagement

Understanding that sustainability is a collaborative effort, we actively engage with local communities to promote environmental education and support initiatives that lead to a more sustainable dairy industry.

about us

T-ZONE is a privately own supplier of dairy products based in Czech Republic, in the centre of Europe, connecting the western and eastern hemisphere.

Established in 2004, our story is marked by 20 years of experience with dairy products, food logistics and a commitment to efficiency and excellence further developing a family-founded business into a professional dairy trader company.

Our financial health is a direct reflection of customer satisfaction, with millions of kilograms of traded dairy every year, T-ZONE is a globally trusted business partner.


export and import 
around the world


logistic solutions 
various transportation methods

Full Truckload &  Less-than-Truckload
Full Truckload & Less-than-Truckload
Cross Border Rail Transportation
Cross Border Rail Transportation
Ocean transport
Ocean transport